Greystone Desk

The creative challenge for the Greystone desk was to design a truly contemporary desk which would, nevertheless, blend into its stately home surroundings, whilst complementing the other great furniture within the room.

The finished piece, whilst successfully achieving everything demanded of it, goes a significant step further in showcasing the true craft of a furniture maker.

The statement grille was cut from a single slab of copper then polished by hand, this detail reflecting and complementing the orange and purple tones in the wood.

Additionally, the precision hand cutting of the dovetail joints to the drawer fronts and the bold nature and skill of marquetry, elevate the Greystone Desk into the arena of stately luxury.

Greystone was most recently showcased at the Clerkenwell Design Week in London at the selective Detail event which showcases the best and most prestigious names in the luxury interiors world. A world in which the Greystone desk sits perfectly.



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