Turner Furniture goes vegan in Ampersand Chocolate Project

Intrigued? Why wouldn't you be! Mid 2019, Turner Furniture was asked to be part of a limited edition chocolate bar project with artisan chocolatier CoCo. Project Ampersand, is an exciting collaboration initiated by Scottish beer brewery, Innis & Gunn where they challenged CoCo to create a unique product inspired by their ‘The Original’ beer barrel-ageing process. They collaborated with Turner Furniture along with two other talented independent artists who each created original artworks which were showcased on the packaging of three limited-edition chocolate bars.

CoCo Chocolate Bar featuring Turner Furniture commissioned artwork

Chris Turner, Turner Furniture, says, "It was a privilege to be part of this unique project and a personal honour to have been chosen from hundreds of artists in Scotland. The merging of the flavours, colours, processes and artwork have come together to create something really quite special."

Turner Furniture was commissioned for the 'Smoked Coffee' limited edition bar (which also happens to be vegan and gluten free) and he was inspired by the Innis & Gunn ‘barrel into beer’ process, which involves toasting the barrel pieces before immersing and maturating in the beer in order to achieve the desired flavour. Chris based the design of ‘Barrel Aged Smoked Coffee Dark Chocolate’ on Turner Furniture’s signature geometric parquetry style. The result is a unique design that celebrates everything that’s inside the barrel, in an abstract narrative made of different woods that reflect both the beer and the chocolate.

Chris Turner working on parquetry for Ampersand Project The final piece of art which was translated onto the packaging of a CoCo chocolate bar