Uisge Beatha 'Whisky' Chair

The Whisky Chair has been created from American Walnut with highlights of the lighter sapwood. The chair has been handmade with traditional & modern furniture making joints, consisting of six angled bridle joints and eight half lap joints. The seat and head rail have been taken from a single slab of walnut, making the grain uniform throughout.

This iconic piece was inspired by the German Architect and Designer Richard Riemerschmid (1868-1957) who designed a collection of furniture for a Music Room exhibition in Dresden in 1899, this can be seen at the V&A Museum in London.The diagonal stretcher on the Whisky Chair has a nod to this.

The Whisky Chair came to fruition after dedicated process of detailed drawings, model making and full scale samples. The whisky chair has been designed with attention to ergonomics making it comfortable, functional and perfect for a little Nightcap.



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